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Polar bear - white stuffed animal toy w/black nose & button eyes

Polar Bear Cub -18" Large White

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Big (18") Polar Bear Cub - Microwave Heated Stuffed Animal


Of all the bears in the bear family, none is more beautiful or adorable than a plush snow white fur Canadian baby polar bear.  Every kid that sees adorable playful polar bear cubs in their wild arctic ice habitat wishes they could cuddle and tumble around in the ice and snow with them.  Or better yet, have their very own cute baby polar bear cub.  What a dream - to snuggle up in the plush white fur of a pet Canadian polar bear cub pet.  Adorable right? However, these beautiful wild polar bear animals are also an endangered species,  so the more we make kids aware of their magnificence, the easier it will be to save and protect the polar bears for the future.
One easy and tangible way to protect this beautiful arctic bear is to give your child a stuffed animal polar bear pet so they hold can see what a plush special bear it is and want to learn more about how to save and protect it.  But not just any stuffed animal polar bear will endear itself in your child's imagination.  The stuffed polar bear pet your child will love needs to have inner warmth along with plush, cozy fur. These are the fluffiest, most comfortable stuffed animal polar bears, that come with an inner heat pack that can be warmed up to provide unique comfort and a sense of security to your child. 
Desiring to promote awareness of the need to protect the Canada polar bear, Warm Buddy has designed one of their newest stuffed members of the Warm Buddy family to meet that need -- the cute, soft & warm stuffed Canadian Polar Bear doll toy.  This special plush white Warm Buddy Polar Bear Cub stuffed animal was created with an inner removable heat pack that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer -- providing long-lasting gentle warmth as a child's perfect sleep aid or refreshing coolness to soothe your child when they get sick. Warm Buddy is proud to have partnered with Bears Matter who are devoted to protecting bears in need. Proceeds from every sale of this adorable plush Polar Bear Cub stuffed animal from Canada goes to help bear rehabilitation centers!
The Warm Buddy Polar Bear Cub is the cutest symbol of Canada.  This cute bundle of plush adorable stuffed furry fun measures 18" long, very similar in size to a real polar bear cub, and it's just the perfect size for a young child to hug and fall in love with.  Made from all natural ingredients, this plush stuffed Canada inspired Polar Bear Cub is hypoallergenic. Best of all it's a sleep aid that's safe and simple to use.  This cute polar bear cub also has a washable fur cover so it's easy to keep the fur clean for your child by just tossing it into your washing machine on a gentle cycle and drying it on a cool dryer setting.  Warm Buddy's cute plush snow white Polar Bear Cub also comes unscented as some children may have allergies. Aromatherapy essential oils can be added if desired by placing a few drops of essential oil on the inner heat pack.  This warm adorable stuffed Polar Bear Cub pet is durable and made to last, having been extensively tested and sold as a class 1 Medical Device* because of their proven therapeutic function.
The warm-up features of Warm Buddy's adorable stuffed arctic Polar Bear Cub promotes relaxation, comfort and natural relief from aches, pains, stress, headaches, tummy aches and earaches.  The gentle moist warmth helps to settle children at bedtime so they get to sleep faster and stay asleep so they are well rested the next morning. After all, when your child is growing, getting a good night's sleep is most important in keeping them healthy and strong.


Remove the inner heat pack from the Velcro pouch of the stuffed animal toy and warm the heat pack for 1-2 minutes in the microwave for comforting warmth.  To cool, place inner heat pack in a ziplock freezer bag (so that freezer odors do not permeate the heat pack) and cool for 2 hours to make a soothing cold pack.  Many customers love to buy an extra heat pack so they can always have one cool and ready to relieve headaches or when a fever comes around.
*Class 1 Medical Devices are deemed to be low risk and are therefore subject to the least regulatory controls.


  • Size: 18" tall
  • Weight: 1.11 lb

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I got the polar bear that warms …
I got the polar bear that warms for my daughter. She is 18 and loves it!

Not just for young children - teenagers love them too!
Purchased this for my high school aged daughter - she kept taking the 6 year olds sheep! Lol She loves heating this up and sleeping with it!!

Outstanding company
Outstanding company! Efficient and exceptional service, yes, but what is SO MUCH MORE noteworthy is the personal touch they include with that service and the quality products they stand behind. Thank you!!!