Sleep Aromatherapy - mini dropper 5 ml
Sleep Aromatherapy - mini dropper 5 ml

Sleep Aromatherapy - mini dropper 5 ml

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Sleep Aiding Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend

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  • 5 ml dropper (.17 oz)

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Wondering if you'll like this sleep aromatherapy?  Here we provide a small 5ml dropper sampler so you can try it out.

Both children and adults often struggle to maintain a consistent sleeping routine that will work whether at home or away. Once you've established that successful sleep routine with Warm Buddy's all natural products, you want to be able to keep that pattern uninterrupted even when you have to be away from your own bed.  

Now you can easily carry the best relaxing sleep aid in your pocket or purse since Warm Buddy's new aromatherapy Sleep formula is now offered in a convenient carrying and travel size (5 ml) dropper.  Warm Buddy's proprietary calming sleep recipe is the best non prescription over the counter sleep aid.

Essential oils of lavender, peppermint, chamomile and rose geranium are formulated and conveniently packaged in an easy application mini dropper bottle and will help you achieve deep restful sleep. This sleep blend has been effectively used in our Sleep Mists and Sleep Masks for many years.

Whether used on kids or adults, his therapeutic herbal blend of pure essential oils will relax your mind and your body so you can achieve a deep and restful sleep.  Apply it to your wrists or temples or inhale the restful aroma to relax your mind and body and help you sleep fabulously through the night.

Manufactured in Canada.


Ingredients +

Ingredients Benefits
Pure French Lavender Essential Oil Antiseptic, relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating
Peppermint Essential Oil Cooling, clearing and reviving
Chamomile Essential Oil Calming, sleep inducing
Rose Geranium Essential Oil Sedative effect that promotes relaxation, emotional stability, and optimism