Blush Pink Fur Throw Blanket
Blush Pink Fur Throw Blanket
Blush Pink Fur Throw Blanket

Blush Pink Fur Throw Blanket

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Cozy Blush Pink Blanket

Large 60" X 48" super plush machine washable throw blanket

Made by Warm Buddy a ultra soft light pink blanket throw great for naps, sofas, couches and traveling. 

This blush pink double sided sofa throw is the softest luxury faux fur mink throw blanket you'll find. The cozy and warm plush soft pink fur throw is our largest, softest and coziest blanket on the market and feels as close to real mink as possible, without having to hurt animals. Soft light pink colored faux mink fur on both sides provides the ultimate in luxury, comfort and warmth. This blanket isn't just a single piece of fabric but two identical faux fur blankets sewn together back to back so that both sides are equally plush, providing the warmth of two blankets. 

Machine wash and dry. This plush throw blanket is NOT to be heated, but they are so cozy and warm. (60" X 45").  (Manufactured by Warm Buddy)

Features and Benefits:            
  • Large 60" x 45" Double-sided Faux Fur Throw Blanket
  • Double blanket thickness 
  • Ultra-Plush Luxury Faux Fur Feels Like Real Mink
  • Machine Washable - Gentle Cycle 
  • Machine Dry 
  • Dust-Free Zippered Plastic Storage Package Included
  • Looks Great and Saves Money on Heating
  • Color: Light Pink 
  • North American Made in Canada
  • 5 Year Money Back Guarantee