Aromatherapy Sleep Mask gift box w/gold printed Warm Buddy logo -woman's face w/sleep mask over eyes
Warm Sleep Mask - Chocolate Swirl Velour - unscented

Warm Sleep Mask - Chocolate Swirl Velour - unscented

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Unscented Microwavable Sleep Mask

Adjustable elastic strap sleeping eye mask with Velcro closure


  • Mask Size: 8" X 3 1/2"
  • Gift Box Size: 9"(L) X 1 1/4"(H) X 4"(W)
  • Mask Weight: 5 oz.


Relax and rejuvenate with the warmth and comfort of the unscented Chocolate Swirl Velour Sleep Mask. This new design is contoured for a perfect fit across the eyes and comes with an elastic strap that holds it firmly in position if you toss and turn to create and keep a total dark and complete lights out effect. The gentle weight of the flax seed filled eye mask blindfold seals out the light to allow deep rest and complete relaxation.  The Chocolate Swirl Velour Sleep Mask (unscented) is covered with the softest black velvety velour fabric on the inside and Chocolate Swirl soft patterned fabrics on the outside. Our plush microwavable Warm Buddy Sleeping Eye Masks can be used hot or cold. Acupressure will soothe away headaches, tired eyes and promote restful deep sleep. Perfect for travel. (Made in Canada by Warm Buddy)


  • Cordless, Non-Electric, Hypoallergenic Flax Seed Filled Microwaveable Sleeping Mask 
  • Contoured Fit & Light Design for Max Comfort and Complete Dark
  • Secure Hold 1" wide Elastic Strap with Adjustable Velcro Closure
  • Heat Time 45 seconds - 1 minute
  • Holds Heat 20-30 Minutes    
  • Hot or cold therapy uses (Heated or Cooled in the Freezer)
  • Unscented
  • Acupressure Feature
  • Color: Chocolate Swirl
  • Fabric: Oh So Soft Swirl Velour
  • Deluxe Gift Box w/Magnetic closure lid
  • Dust-Free Storage Package Included


  • Safe All-Natural Sleep Aid - Helps Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep
  • Rests & Rejuvenates Tired Eyes
  • Reduces Eye Inflammation & Soothes Headaches
  • Promotes Stress Relief, Mental Relaxation 
  • Stays in Place While Sleeping
  • Quick Easy Cordless Non-Electric Heating (Microwave Just 45 seconds)
  • Portable Lightweight Design Great for Travel
  • Gift boxed durable easy storage
  • North American Made in Canada
  • 5 Year Money Back Guarantee