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Ginger & white Little Buddy kitten stuffed animal laying down on front paws-front right angle view
Young girl holding a black & white Little Buddy kitten stuffed animal

Little Buddy Kitten

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Kitten lovers will rejoice to see this black baby Warm Buddy kitty cat plush toy pet.  Cat stuffed animals are a childhood favorite.  It is now possible to have a cute kitten plush toy that is much more than simply fluffy or plush.  Let’s face it; kittens are adorable and beloved by children. But the Little Buddy Kitten offers so much more, thanks to our removable rice filled microwavable heating and cooling packs.   

Our Baby Cat Stuffed Animals Can Provide Just the Right Temperature
The heat/cool pack insert can be placed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to provide substantial relief from aches and pains or a snuggly bedtime companion.  In fact, this small baby kitten stuffed animal can be used to help sooth everything from sore muscles to toothaches and fevers.  If you want to help your child feel secure at night, so they can get to sleep fast, then the warmth and comfort provided by our adorable little kitty cat plush toy is a must!
Kitten Stuffed Animal Product Details
The removable inner non-allergenic grain pack tucked away inside our Little Buddy Kittens is a breeze to remove and use.  Replacement packs are also available.  Our cute little baby stuffed cat pets meet all safety standards and the stitching is completely secure and safe for your child.   
You can be sure that any child that receives one of these little kittens will quickly hug the plush toy and not want to let go!  Buy the love of your life one of our Little Buddy Kittens, and you’ll be giving a lifelong friend.