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Woman with lavender shoulder wrap around neck & shoulders - chocolate brown swirl velour fabric
Fabric square- chocolate brown swirl velour
Lavender Neck Wrap

Lavender Neck Wrap

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Our new Lavender Neck Wrap combines moist heat, acupressure and aromatherapy to help soothe away neck tension, stress, and pain. Use warm or cold. Simply heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer as desired. The Lavender Neck Wrap contains all natural ingredients infused with the addictive smell of French lavender.

Surface wash covers. Product Dimensions: (19″ x 6″) All Warm Buddy heat packs are proudly made in Canada.

  • All natural non-allergenic rice-filled heating pad
  • Quick, Easy Microwave Heating - 2 Minutes
  • Hot or Cold Therapy Use (can be frozen in the freezer)
  • Infused with Pure French lavender Aromatherapy
  • Rectangle C-shaped Comfortable Light Compact and Portable Design
  • Quality, Durable Upholstery Grade Designer Fabrics and Silks
  • Zippered Plastic Dust-Free Storage Package
  • Anti-inflammatory Muscle Paint and Joint Soreness Relief 
  • Natural sleep aid promotes relaxation and tranquility, naturally relieves stress and anxiety
  • Long Lasting heat holding - 20-30min
  • Light and Portable great for Work and Travel
  • Easy Storage
  • North American Made in Canada
Made in Canada
Product Dimension: 19" x 6"
Weight  2.07lb