Large sheep lamb stuffed animal w/curly cream fur and tan legs, face & ears, stitched mouth, nose & eyes, w/Warm Buddy logo on left foot
Large, mini, & small sheep stuffed animals w/cream curly & tan fur. Warm Buddy logo on left foot.

Big Warm Wooly Lamb - 18"

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Big White Sheep Hot/Cold Stuffed Animal

Washable weighted stuffed curly wooly lamb sleep aid for kids/toddlers w/ removable, reusable inner heating/cooling pack. 

Stuffed animal natural homeopathic doll therapy for elderly dementia and Alzheimer's patients for comfort & security.

Dimensions +

  • Size:  Large 18" Tall
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

Description +

Large Warm Wooly the Sheep is wooly, wooly cute and cuddly! This large Wooly stands 18" tall. 

Wooly is the perfect bedtime companion. An inner heat pack keeps you or your child warm and comfortable throughout the night. Hand wash outer cover, for ages 3 years and up. Wooly comes with a removable inner heat pack that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer, making him perfect to help ease children to sleep. (Made in Canada by Warm Buddy)

Features +

  • Large Warm Therapeutic Weighted Wooly Lamb
  • Button Eyes, Embroidered Nose, and Mouth
  • Durable Plush Polyester Fabric
  • Long Soft White Fur
  • Cordless, Non-Electric, Rice Filled Hypoallergenic Removable Heating Pack
  • Warmed in the Microwave or Cooled in the Freezer
  • Fast Heating (1-2 minutes)
  • Velcro Pouch for Heat Pack on the Back of the Lamb
  • Machine Washable and Machine Dryable (on gentle cycles after removing heat pack)
  • North American Made in Canada