Baby Blanket Set with mini pet
Chocolate brown one side & pink reverse side raised bubble dot baby blanket w/brown & cream mini teddy bear laying on top of unfolded baby blanket
Chocolate brown raised bubble dot baby blanket w/brown & cream mini teddy bear - folded corner green polka dots on brown plush background
NEW Chocolate Rosebud Fur Plush Baby Blanket Set in Zippered Packaging (with Mini Teddy Bear)
NEW Cream and Chocolate Plush Rosebud Fur Baby Blanket Set (with Mini Teddy Bear)
lavender raised bubble dot folded baby blanket - corner folded cream plush with mini wooly lamb

Baby Blanket Set with mini pet

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Ultra Soft Double-Sided Baby Blanket Gift Sets

Dimensions +

  • Size: 28" X 32" 
  • Weight: 1.0 lb

Description +

Wrap your baby in ultimate softness with this ultra plush double-sided, textured Baby Blanket and Mini Stuffed Animal Gift Set. Warm Buddy infant, toddler, and newborn baby blanks are among the world's best and coziest. Each plush super soft luxury Warm Buddy baby blanket is designed with babies natural needs in mind. Each of these cute and cuddly baby blankets comes with a mini version of our cozy and comforting Teddy Bear or plush stuffed Baby Wooly Lamb animal as an added gift.

Raised Bubble Dot or Rose Bud Textured Furs

Our 100% machine washable Oh-So Soft Bubble Dot Fur or Rose Bud Fur adds a special tactile feature to our double-sided Baby Blankets that stimulates the growing mind of the child as they explore through their sense of touch. Touching various textures transmits sensory stimulation through muscles and joints and sends messages back and forth from the skin to the brain. Essentially, each time your child touches something, the brain receives information and forms a decision. These Bubble Dot and Rose Bud textured blankets also provide a child special comfort and security as they recognize it's unique feel and associate that texture with being safe and comforted.

Double-sided Blankets

Finally, our Baby Blankets are double-sided which means they are extra warm and ultra soft and plush on either side. While one side is plain and soft, the other side offers the sense stimulating Bubble Dot or Rose Bud texture. Thus these unique Baby Blankets are reversible, so your child will find both sides equally enjoyable. This high quality reversible double-sided faux fur baby blanket is two separate blankets sewn together so that each side is equally soft and equally beautiful. 

These unique Baby Blanket Gift Sets are a classic essential for baby showers, newborn or as a birthday gift for infants, toddlers and preschooler children.

Features +

  • Double Sided Reversible Baby Blanket Set with mini pet
  • Oh So Soft Smooth Fleece Polka Dot and Rosebud Swirl Cuddle Faux Fur Polyester Fabric 
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Mini Pet included: Mini Plush Pet Teddy Bear or Wooly Lamb Included
  • Non-heating: this product is not a microwaveable heating pad
  • North American Made in Canada