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Shoulder Wraps

Shoulder Wraps are perfect for those times when you've had a stressful day, providing relaxing heat and support that your neck & shoulders need to allow you to unwind. Place the heat pack in the microwave for as instructed and then the wrap around your neck or shoulders to melt away built up tension. Infused with stress reducing aromatherapy, these warm, aromatic, neck & shoulder wraps will relax you into a state of pure utopia. In addition to providing tension relief, our Shoulder Wraps are also great for relieving pain in your shoulders and neck.

These wraps can retain their heat for approximately one hour or more. Velcro closures make removing the herbal heat pack insert and cleaning the plush outer cover a quick and easy task. The inner hot pack may also be frozen for cold therapy by placing them in a sealed plastic bag, then in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Hot or cold, our effective wraps make the perfect soothing gift for all, from the tense office worker to those suffering from muscular and skeletal ailments.

Neck Roll Pillows

Loved by Chiropractors and Massage Therapists, the new Anti-Stress Heated Neck Roll provides neck support whether you're at home or at the spa, working or traveling. A removable inner heat pack pulls out from the center of the roll to be warmed in the microwave and provide soothing warmth and comfort to your tense neck muscles. The soft outer cover is extremely comfortable and can be machine washed. Approximately 4 1/2 inches in diameter and 12" in length, this Heated Neck Roll is just the right size to support the neck muscles and to take with you wherever you go.

Animal Slippers

Cute Animal Slippers are perfect pampering items for all ages. These adorable slippers are non-heating and made with a ultra soft furs, a comfortable cushioned sole and durable outdoor-safe bottom for long-lasting wear.

Our animal slippers come in children's size (6-7), and adult women's size (10-11) and are the perfect gifts for him or her on any occasion. Whether you are searching for the right birthday, Christmas, bridesmaid or housewarming gift, you need look no further-simply order a pair of animal slippers from Snuggables today!

Foot Warmers

Warming Boots & Slippers are the ultimate relaxation inducers and tension tamers, making them the perfect pampering items for all ages. These heatable and freezable slipper boots contain a removable rice-filled heating pad insert that may be placed in the microwave and heated for approximately 30 to 45 seconds, or cooled in the freezer for an hour then inserted back into the soft boot, to provide your feet with 30 minutes of exhilarating comfort and reduce the swelling of tired, overworked feet.

Hot or cold, a pair of our unique Warming Slippers & Booties makes a comforting gift beyond compare. The heat pack insert is easily removed to facilitate easy cleaning and comfort. One size fits women's shoe sizes (6-10). Also available in extra large size 10-12 US women's. Bring the spa experience home and pamper yourself or give these cozy's as the perfect gift for any occasion. Order a pair of heatable Slippers or Booties today!


Large Body Wrap Heating Pads

The versatile Body Wrap Heating Pads are very popular. After less than two minutes in your microwave, this special body heating pad will cradle your body in gentle warmth and calming, herbal aromatherapy. The Body Wraps work wonders on sore shoulders, neck, upper pectoral region, arms and hands, back, stomach, and legs and are excellent foot warmers. The size and warmth of these wraps also improves circulation for those with back spasms and aids in relieving abdominal cramps, making our body wraps useful in everything from sports injury and menstrual cramp relief to disease-related musculoskeletal and arthritis pain relief.

The grains and gentle aromatherapy scents are evenly distributed in our Body Wraps to deliver consistent coverage. Heating them in the microwave as directed releases the relaxing aromatherapy scent and provides up to an hour of heat therapy.

As with most of these products, the wraps can also be frozen. After only 1-2 hours in your freezer (make sure to place the wrap in a sealed plastic bag), the body heat wrap transforms into an amazingly effective tool for cold therapy, providing refreshing, long lasting coolness to your body for 60 minutes or more.

Given its highly effective therapeutic properties, a body wrap certainly makes a great get well gift. Easy to clean, they soothe one and all, regardless of their general states of health, the body wraps also make the perfect birthday, Christmas and even bridesmaid or groomsman gifts!


Eye Masks & Pillows

Eye Masks and Pillows are incredibly practical. These unique relaxation products can be chilled to soothe tired eyes and reduce eye puffiness. They may also be warmed to relieve sinus pressure or used as a dream pillow to ease you into a deep sleep. The Eye Pillow is wonderful for alleviating headaches and migraine pain. Eight inches in length, the little pillows are the perfect size for children to use as a cuddly sleep aid or for healing boo-boos.

The Eye and Dream Pillows are scented with chamomile and lavender, products well-known for their amazing relaxation properties. The inserts of the Eye and Dream Pillows may be removed to clean the outer fabric of the pillow. Soft, pretty and practical, make it a ready-to-go, unique gift.

Available in luxurious fabric designs, these pillows are always greatly appreciated gifts for her, and once he tries one on for size, there's no doubt that he'll want one too. Guaranteed to please spirit and body, the Eye Mask or Pillow makes the perfect last minute gift, so be sure to order a few extra today!


Body Pillow Pets

The innovative Body Pillow Pets combine traditional, plush animal designs with a microwaveable milled rice-filled pack to create the ultimate heatable and freezable plush stuffed animals. A comforting gift for one and all, the Body Pillow Pets will bring you back to your childhood when you could snuggle up with your favorite stuffed animal, but this time, it gives back more than just love.

Designed as neck rolls and multi-functional pillows, the Body Pillow Pet products are a favorite amongst children, but adults love them too. Adorable, soft and cuddly, the warmth and comfort these animals provide also make the pillows our best sleep aids. They are particularly effective in targeting joints, cramps, and strains. After placing the body pillow in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes to 2 minutes, heat remains for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours, the heat retention varies depending on size. See individual products for cleaning instructions.

The Body Pillow Pets are great for all occasions and guaranteed to please all. Order some for loved ones, but don't forget to treat yourself! And why not soothe your tired feet with a pair of equally therapeutic and cute slippers too? Keep a few on hand, and you'll never be without the perfect last minute gift!


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