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The Snuggables Story...

Snuggables is a family owned and operated company offering products and concept inspired by their daughter. The following story shares just how Snuggables came to be. 

“Our 4-year-old daughter was in the habit of falling asleep in our bed during story time. Not a good habit that we fell into from exhaustion,” commented Celeste. “We had to find a solution for getting our 4-year-old to go to sleep in her own bed, so I could get some quality sleep.” 

One night, Celeste just happened to have a heated grain wrap around her neck and shoulders that she picked up at a local drug store to treat a neck spasm. That night, when she put her daughter into her own bed and gave her a hug good night, her daughter felt the warm, snugly wrap around Celeste’s neck. “She begged me to let her sleep with it,” Celeste recalls. “So, I placed the wrap around the back of her neck and my daughter smiled at me and hugged the wrap with delight.” Then, to Celeste’s amazement, her daughter turned onto her side, relaxed her precious little frame and went to sleep without any further discussion or protests. “That was it!”, Celeste mused to herself. The solution to getting my 4-year-old to sleep in her own bed was --- finding something as warm as Mom to snuggle up with!

That night Snuggables was born as this idea came to Celeste, "Wouldn't it be great to have this kind of comforting warmth inside one of her cute fluffy stuffed animals?" Celeste thought she had invented a new product. But as she began researching production, she discovered that others had already shared this great idea. So, partnering with those manufacturers, Snuggables went from a bright idea to becoming a top provider of one of the most popular ‘comfort toys’ on the continent. Snuggables now offers the highest quality, all natural heat therapy packs and microwavable stuffed animals on the market - made by Warm Buddy Company in Vancouver, Canada and available exclusively online to the USA through Snuggables.net.

Snuggables high quality products make great gifts as well as providing aromatherapy, heat therapy and weighted sensory processing disorder (autism) comfort solutions for any age. Whether you're a new parent, trying to get your child to sleep in their own bed, or you’re needing long-lasting heat therapy to relieve your own stress and pain, Warm Buddy microwaveable stuffed animal toys and heating pad wraps provide the moist, all-natural sustained heat therapy you need without electricity or batteries. 

As a former professional licensed massage therapist working in a chiropractic office, Celeste is familiar with the tremendous benefits that the variety of Warm Buddy products can provide in the treatment and relief of muscle pain and arthritis therapy.  As a mom she is also familiar with the journey exhausted parents find themselves on, trying to find a solution that will simplify the challenge of shaping good bedtime habits of young kids, like Warm Buddy stuffed animals provide. Most importantly, when kids stay in their own beds all through the night, Mom and Dad can get the rest they need and have the energy to be good and patient parents.

As a choosy consumer, Celeste is not one who will recommend a product or service unless she’s delighted with it and can attest enthusiastically to its value and effectiveness. That's why Snuggables now exclusively sells only Warm Buddy Company products. With a wide variety of unique products to choose from, Celeste knows from experience that Warm Buddy makes THE BEST you will find on the market. That's why she confidently offers Snuggables 5-year money-back guarantee.

Celeste says she “still can’t believe this all started with one peacefully sleeping little girl.”

Snuggables values our customer's feedback!  We invite you to post a note on our Facebook page anytime and tell us why you love the Warm Buddy products you purchased from Snuggables. We appreciate our customers and strive to provide them excellent, courteous customer service, fast shipping and the highest quality weighted heat therapy products that work to bring relaxation and pain relief for years to come.