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Replacement Stuffed Animal Heating Pack - Baby
Replacement Stuffed Animal Heating Pack - Baby

Replacement Stuffed Animal Heating Pack - Baby

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Baby Microwavable Heating Packs

Additional or Replacement Inner Heat Packs

for Little Buddy and Baby Warm Buddy Stuffed Animal Products

Here we offer non-allergenic rice-filled inner heating replacement packs in baby sizes made for your Warm Buddy’s microwaveable stuffed Little Buddy and Baby products.

These stuffed animal inner heating packs are made to last by Warm Buddy Company in Canada with superior materials.  They are constructed with a high-quality upholstery grade durable black polyester fabric casing and secured with strong heavy-duty stitching to enclose the contents so they will not come apart or spill the contents. The rice-grain filling inside is proven to be the longest heat-holding, safest, non-flammable, all natural non-allergenic filling that can be used in these microwavable or oven heated replacement all natural heating packs.

Please note that one heat pack is included in all of our new Warm Buddy stuffed animal products you purchase.  There is no need to purchase an additional baby heat pack for a new product. 

However, if you want an alternate heat pack to keep cold in your freezer or you overheated and damaged your original heating pack resulting in a burned odor, you will probably want to buy an additional/replacement heat pack for your baby sized stuffed animal.  If your heat pack should become damaged, replacement inner heat packs are available here for all of our Warm Buddy plush animals.

The Baby size heating pack is the following size: 

  • Baby (3.5" X 5")
  • Weight (5.5oz)

This heating pack fits best in Warm Buddy products labeled in this way:

"Little Buddy" or "Baby"

This baby size heating pack can fit loosely in other larger sizes, so please check to be sure you have the right replacement for your Warm Buddy stuffed animal, so you will get the full warming benefit from your product.  Don't hesitate to email us at if you have any questions about which one to buy.

Keep in mind that new baby heat packs will release more moisture when initially heated. We recommend heating the pack 3-4 times (allow the pack to cool between heatings) before use. This will diminish any odor caused by excess moisture.

List of Warm Buddy products that use this baby size heating pack:

  • Baby Warm Buddy Bees
  • Little Buddy  Bear - Small 11"
  • Little Buddy 11" Warm Labrador Puppy
  • Little Buddy Kitten - Butterscotch
  • Little Buddy Warm Moosey - Small 11"
  • Little Buddy Warm Wooly Lamb - Small 11"
  • Sleepytime Baby Duck - Hand Puppet
  • Sleepytime Warm Teddy Bear Hand Puppet
  • Sleepytime Baby Elephant Hand Puppet
  • Sleepytime Penguin Hand Puppet
  • Sleepytime Sheep Hand Puppet