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Stuffed Animal Puppets

Puppets -Stuffed Animal Toys with Microwavable Inner Heating Pads

Therapeutic hot/cold pack toy puppets/ sleep aids for your child that are fun & can help them get to sleep fast.

Offering cute, soft, plush Warm Buddy unscented non-allergenic stuffed animal hand puppet toys with reusable, removable, rice filled, microwavable heating pads.

Plush stuffed animal pets are wonderful toys that can help soothe babies and small children when their parents cannot. During bedtime, car rides and other times like these, a kid’s stuffed animal is theirs and their parent’s best friend, providing a feeling of comfort and security. Plush cute and soft stuffed animal pets become warm and cuddly companions that are therapeutic. Plush stuffed animal toys and the best microwavable stuffed animal pets, which come for sale with removable rice filled heating packs, help ease stress and soothe tension, helping children relax, fall asleep and stay asleep. Traditional soft stuffed animals can be a bit boring and difficult for kids and babies to play with. However, plush stuffed cute and cuddly animal hand puppet pets provide the comfort and security of traditional stuffed animal toys, but are much more fun and are made for parents, children, and babies to have fun and play with.

The best stuffed animal hand puppet pets for sale slip easily onto the hands of parents and kids. Parents are able to bring their baby’s or toddler’s favorite plush stuffed animal toy to life, making the puppet that much more lovable. Children love playing with plush stuffed animal puppets and then they love to cuddle up with their soft stuffed pet for bedtime, movie time and naps. Cute and soft stuffed animal puppets are the perfect travel companion and are tons of fun for parents and babies, toddlers, and kids. Warm Buddy push stuffed animal puppet pet toys also come with removable rice filled heating packs. Warm Buddy’s heating packs heat up quickly in the microwave in only 30 seconds. The soothing heat packs are extremely therapeutic. The heating packs make cuddling with these soft plush stuffed animal puppets that much more cozy and warm. Place the rice-filled heating pack in the microwave for 30 seconds, put it back into the plush stuffed animal hand puppets, hand it back to your baby and watch your children melt into their puppet’s soft and cuddly arms.

At we offer a variety of super cute and soft plush stuffed animal hand puppets from the award-winning Warm Buddy Company, at the lowest possible online sales prices, with fast affordable shipping. The cute and cuddly children’s stuffed animal puppet toys we have for sale come with removable rice filled heating packs that release a soothing moist heat and can also be frozen in the freezer. Warm Buddy plush stuffed animal puppets are just as cute, soft and cuddly as their regular stuffed animal toys, but are also fun and entertaining hand puppets. Warm Buddy is a Canadian based company that we are privileged and proud to be the only US retailer for. This means that we are able to offer cheaper online sales prices and lower shipping rates for US customers than our Canadian peers and Warm Buddy’s retail site. If you are a US customer, we are the best and cheapest place to buy high-quality award-winning Warm Buddy products, including these amazing super cute and soft plush stuffed hand puppet animal pets. If you have any questions about the cute stuffed animal puppets we have for sale or their therapeutic microwavable rice filled moist heating packs, please send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

NOTE:  Extra or Replacement heating pack size to purchase for puppets is: "Small"

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