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Microwavable Heated Soft Toys

Therapeutic Little Microwavable Heated Soft Toy Animals with Plush Fur in Small to Miniature Sizes

Buy small soft stuffed toys, perfectly sized for tiny babies, toddlers and little kids to hold and hug at home or while traveling, for warmth & security. The best miniature plush heated therapy stuffed animal pets to reduce anxiety for autism.

We offer super cute and soft mini machine-washable plush small stuffed animal pets with durable, removable, reusable rice filled microwave heating pads, from Warm Buddy, at the best online sales prices.


Cute, plush stuffed warm-up animal toys are a great gift for babies, toddlers, and small kids. Besides deciding what type of plush stuffed microwavable animal pet to buy your baby, toddler or preschooler it is also important to pick the best size. In today’s world, people often think the bigger the better. However, this is not always true. Little kids, toddler, and babies are small and need a miniature stuffed animal pet that they can easily hold and cuddle with. When stuffed animals are too big they are difficult for tiny babies, smaller toddlers, and little kids to hold and play with and may even be a bit intimidating. One of the most important things for babies, toddlers, and preschool kids is to feel safe, loved, and secure. However, while traveling in the car or when it is bedtime parents are not always able to hold and cuddle their baby or toddler causing them to feel insecure, fuss, and cry. The best heated small baby stuffed animal and plush stuffed toys for sale with removable rice filled microwavable heating pads are the perfect size traveling and bedtime companions for babies, toddlers, and little kids. Small plush stuffed toy animal pets are tiny enough to easily fit in even the smallest travel bags and purses. This makes it easy for parents to take tiny plush stuffed animals with them anywhere, and have them any time their baby, toddler, or preschooler needs their soft and cute little buddy.

Little children and babies quickly develop comfort and familiarity with the best cute, plush, soft microwavable miniature stuffed animal toy pets, because they are warm, cozy and the perfect little size for them to hug and snuggle with, whether they are lying down or sitting up. A familiar small warm stuffed plush animal toy will help soothe your baby, and make your child feel safe every time they are traveling, or put to sleep in their bed or away from home. The best Miniature plush stuffed animal pets for sale with removable rice filled microwavable heating pads often become the sleep trigger that tells babies, toddler, and little kids, no matter what the time or place, it's time to relax and go to sleep. Once this happens, after babies and small kids are given their tiny, cute and soft mini stuffed microwavable plush animal toy, they are able to sleep just as easily, whether they are traveling in the car, at home or at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

When buying the best microwavable miniature stuffed animal pets and tiny plush warm up toys for small babies, toddlers and little kids it is important to buy soft, cute, plush stuffed travel size pets that are machine washable and made to last. Small cute and cuddly stuffed animal pets with removable rice filled microwavable heating pads are often taken everywhere and have to be able to withstand the day to day abuse and washes that come with that. Cheap small stuffed animal toys for sale are typically made from cheap low-quality materials that are not very soft or durable. Spending a bit more upfront on plush high quality tiny stuffed microwavable animal pets for your baby or little kid that are cute, soft and small will ensure your children are able to hug, squeeze and play with their plush miniature stuffed warm-up animal pet and you can wash it without it falling apart and needing to be replaced. Not to mention the best little plush miniature travel sized stuffed animals with small removable rice filled microwavable heating pads are often much cuter and softer than cheap low quality tiny stuffed toys.

The best miniature plush stuffed animal pets come for sale with small removable rice-filled heating pads inside that quickly warm up in a microwave. Small microwavable heated soft toys provide mom-like warmth and comfort when the parents cannot. Babies, toddlers, and children of all ages love to feel the warmth of their mother's or father’s embrace and often cry when Mom or Dad lays them down to sleep at night and then start to leave the room. Babies especially cry when they are placed in a cold crib and can no longer feel their mother's warmth. Plush tiny travel size warm-up stuffed animal toy pets with mini removable rice-filled heating pads provide the warmth, comfort, and security when the parents cannot. These feelings of security and comfort come from the small microwavable stuffed animal’s warmth. This is something that traditional miniature stuffed animal pets without little microwavable heating packs cannot provide, no matter how soft, cute and cuddly the tiny plush pet is.

Warm Buddy mini plush stuffed animal pets are some of the best, softest, cutest, and most durable miniature stuffed animal for sale. Warm Buddy is an award-winning company, who makes only high-quality natural rest and relaxation products. Warm Buddy’s small baby stuffed animals are perfectly sized tiny plush warm up toys made specifically for babies, toddlers, and little children to be able to easily hold, hug, cuddle, and play with whether in their crib, bed or traveling in the car seat. Warm Buddy’s small cute and cuddly soft plush animal pets are machine washable and come with little removable rice filled microwavable moist heating pads. The miniature plush stuffed animal toys small heating pads are fully heated after about 30 seconds in the microwave and provide 20 minutes or more of soothing mom like heat. Besides heating quickly and staying warm for 20 minutes or longer, Warm Buddy’s mini stuffed animals removable rice filled moist heating pads can have soothing essential oil aromatherapy blends added to them enhancing their therapeutic benefits.

Here we offer Warm Buddy’s full line of small plush miniature warm-up stuffed animals with removable rice filled microwavable heating pads at the best online sales prices. We are proud to be the only US Warm Buddy retailer, allowing us to offer the best prices and shipping rates for US customers. The mini cute and soft plush microwavable stuffed animals are the perfect tiny sized stuffed animal toys for small babies, toddlers, and little kids and come in almost any animal you can think of. Whether shopping for a gift or for your baby our Warm Buddy small plush cute and soft travel size microwavable stuffed animal pets will be loved the little kids they are given to and appreciated by their parents.

Our precious therapeutic microwavable soft toy animals are especially great for kids and even more so for those with autism.  Kids with autism are decisively calmed from anxiety by our weighted and heated plush animals.  Doll therapy and weighted stuffed animal therapy has been proven to be extremely valuable to children who have autism because of their calming effect.  Much more so with Warm Buddy's microwavable heating feature added to supply an extra sense of being hugged and secure.

Our cuddly microwavable heated soft toys animals in various small sizes can also provide a needed distraction to the autistic child in times when fear and apprehension overtake them.  Our therapeutic plush animal toys provide a way for autistic children to redirect their attention to showing care for their stuffed animal doll toy.   The wondrous result is that their therapy stuffed animal doll becomes the main source of consolation that they need.

Without question, these therapy microwavable animals effectively improve the lives of children with autism. They also help any child relax and fall asleep fast. Therefore, we offer the suggestion that you give a Warm Buddy to your child and see if they benefit from the comfort and happiness their new small baby stuffed animal brings.

If you are buying the plush small Warm Buddy miniature stuffed animal pet as a gift for a friend or family member’s baby, toddler or little kid we can ship the plush miniature warm up toy directly to them for the child's birthday, Christmas, Easter or any occasion. We also offer attractive gift wrapping and unique personalized message card options, in addition to last minute speedy 2-Day shipping. We hope you enjoy browsing our cute, soft, and cuddly, machine washable small Warm Buddy miniature plush stuffed animal toys. If you have any questions or are not sure which small baby stuffed animal pet is best for your small baby, toddler, or little child, give us a call or send us an email—we will be happy to help.



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