Neck Pillow Heating Pads & Travel Pillows

Reduce stress & neck pain by providing therapeutic muscle support with neck pillows & Chiropractor recommended cervical neck rolls.

Use pillows heated for relief from injury or osteoarthritis, cooled to reduce swelling or non-heated to support & prop up the head and support the neck alignment while traveling by car, bus or airline.

Tired and sore neck muscles are a common problem for many people. Whether you work at a computer all day, travel for business or pleasure, or work in a physically demanding job, the majority of people at one point or another will experience some neck discomfort, weakness or even trauma from an accident. Having just the right tool to support the neck is important to maintaining a pain-free neck. People often roll up blankets, towels or small pillows to fill the space behind their neck, but these often fail to stay in place or provide the adequate and consistent support that your neck needs. Having just the right shaped and sized pillow, that is compact and easy to keep with you, is a necessity if you suffer from prolonged or temporary neck pain.

When combined with stretching and mobility exercises, chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists and sports therapists agree that special ergonomically designed neck pillow heating pads are highly effective tools to prevent neck stress and injury. The right neck pillow provides the proper support that can keep the neck muscles from suffering from too much stress, from going into spasms and even prevent injury to the neck that can be caused by prolonged stressors. In fact, chiropractors often prescribe using a cervical (neck) pillow as a daily therapy to rehabilitate neck alignment.

Snuggables, specializing in heat therapy, has the best solution to your aching neck -- neck pillows and neck rolls that provide just the right amount of support your neck needs. Our small travel neck pillows for kids and adults can be either heated or cooled, are covered in the softest fabrics, and are available in a variety of sizes. Having one of these is dream come true, whether you’re traveling by car or airplane, working at home at your desk or watching TV in your recliner. Neck pillow heating pads provide just the right support that allows the neck muscles to relax, which relieves stress on the shoulders and back as well. Our small travel neck pillows for kids and adults have the added bonus of being heated and/or freezer cooled. Heating provides an extra therapeutic solution to melt away the stress of the day, while cooling reduces swelling and/or provides a cooling effect for the entire body in warm summer months. Whether you’re an adventurous traveler, a studious college student, tied to a computer all day or suffering from an injury or accident, a neck pillow is an essential tool to keep your neck muscles relaxed and supported when you are faced with long periods of stress and muscle strain.

Our travel/neck pillow heating pads make great gifts for the person who has everything. Give one as a graduation, birthday or Christmas present. A neck pillow is a life-saver for any kind of traveler and is especially critical for those with already chronic neck issues. Order one for your family members and yourself, so the next time you fly or take a road trip, you and your kids will arrive refreshed and rested and more importantly, without a sore neck that sets you back.

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