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Microwave Foot Warmer Slippers, Booties & Socks

Your feet take a lot of abuse and carry all of your weight throughout the majority of the day. If you have a job that requires you to constantly be on your feet, by the end of the day they are sore, tired, and swollen. When your feet, hurt it affects your entire body, mobility, overall health, and well-being. At the end of a long day, it is recommended to take off your uncomfortable shoes, slip on our comfortable microwavable foot warmer slippers, sit down, elevate your feet, and allow them to rest. Even more delightful and soothing is to prop your achy feet up in front of a warm fire and feel the pain begin to ease.

Just like relaxing in front of a fireplace, warming slippers, socks, and booties are the perfect way to help your feet relax and feel better. There’s nothing more comfortable, relaxing, and refreshing than a cozy pair of microwavable foot warmer slipper on your feet after the pounding they’ve taken through the day. Your tired swollen feet deserve the comfort and rest that our therapeutic microwavable socks and slippers provide after that stress and strain. Physicians recommend icing and warming your feet to relax and rejuvenate them. The best therapeutic microwavable socks and slippers are not only comfortable and made to last, but can also be heated or cooled to provide your feet with the heat and cooling therapy that physicians recommend.

Here we offer unique, plush, microwavable heated socks, slippers, and booties made by Warm Buddy that can accomplish all of that comfort and pampering. If you’re ready to take your slipper comfort level up a notch, you’ll want to try our unique hot or cold slippers, socks, or booties. These are not only luxuriously comfortable, but they also have removable insole inserts that are microwavable or freezable. Heating or cooling slippers, socks, or booties takes foot pampering and comfort to the next level whether it is at the spa or bringing the spa experience home. Since the feet substantially affect the body’s temperature these slippers can additionally be used to warm or cool your entire body. If your body is overheated, cooling your feet will cool your body down as well as reduce swelling in the feet. In contrast, if your feet are cold and sore you want to relax them and reduce the pain with moist heat and in turn your whole body will be warm and relaxed. Added to the therapeutic effects of the slippers, socks, and booties are soothing aromatherapy scents that are specially combined to relax and calm the entire body.

Your feet need consideration and care. Give them the comfort they long for—therapeutic microwavable foot warmer slippers. All of our Warm Buddy foot warmers make terrific gifts regardless of size or age and they can be shipped quickly to your door or gift wrapped and shipped to your friend along with your personalized gift card.  While giving special things to friends is fun, make sure to get yourself a pair so you too can enjoy the warmth, comfort and relaxation.

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