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Plush Hotel Bath & Spa Robes - Ankle-Length Light Micro-Terry Shawl Collar

Relax in luxury & comfort with quality plush extra-long lightweight fluffy warm bath & hotel spa robes with a long belt, rolled shawl collar and front patch pockets

Here online we offer thick & furry, absorbent, durable his & her Warm Buddy spa & bathrobes that are great for tall and XL frames as well. Available to buy in mens & ladies sizes and unisex colors.


A plush bath and spa robe is a very important part of your wardrobe and it's the one clothing item that you want and need to feel the most comfortable in at the end of a day so you can have fun and relax.  Your bath and spa robe also has many uses.  Whether you're wearing it to keep warm and cozy while you relax and sip tea by a fire before bed or whether you're slipping it on after a bath or as cover up to wear at the spa, to the pool or beach, you want your bathrobe to be something fun to wear and sexy that you can easily slip on and off.  

When you're looking for a great plush luxury bathrobe you're also thinking about being wrapped in thick softness and warmth, like when you're just getting out of the shower and you want a quick cover up to feel the instant warmth as you dry off. Classic low-cost terrycloth bathrobes made of lower quality cotton can become worn out, itchy and irritating after a few washes.  Not only that, they can lose their absorbency as the fabric thins, so they have to be replaced quickly.  Discount robes often cut corners on manufacturing costs by making the sleeves and length too short or not making them large enough to wrap fully around your body with enough fabric to overlap the front which is an important feature to help you feel relaxed and secure.  Because when you're wet and walking down hallways from the hotel pool or spa or walking back from the beach with your robe on as a cover-up, you want to feel the warmth of being fully wrapped.   Another cost-cutting method that low-cost robes employ is that they eliminate the shawl collar that snuggles up around your neck and keeps the chill away. 

Spending a bit more money up front to buy a high quality plush luxurious bath robe made from the softest fabrics possible is a decision you won't regret.  Classic velour or Turkish cotton men's and women's bathrobes are popular because of the softness of the fabric, but those fabrics can also feel very heavy and bulky on you, plus they take up a lot of suitcase space.  The best quality durable luxury bath robes are very light weight and easily compacted.  They are made from a new light micro-terrycloth ultra soft polyester that is plush and warm like velour, yet light weight and absorbent like Turkish cotton.  The best luxury spa and bath robes have a thick shawl collar to keep your neck cozy and warm.  The finest quality robes are also ankle length so you can wrap yourself completely in them to cuddle on the couch or keep the winter chill away as you're getting out of the bath.  They can also be useful to protect you from too much sun at the beach.   

Warm Buddy's plush luxury bath & spa robes are the softest most luxurious full ankle length bath robes ever created by Warm Buddy and they are the least expensive designer-like robes on the market.  Though these long light weight fluffy luxury robes have the appearance of soft terry fabric they are ultra lightweight, soft and fluffy, weighing just under two pounds. Equal in quality to expensive designer robes, you will find these plush robes in the best luxury spa hotels around the world. And now these summer light full-length bath & spa robes are available for you to buy and enjoy in your own home.

Warm Buddy ultra soft micro-terry spa robes are available in three unisex sizes to fit ladies and men alike, and they're great for tall bodies too. Embracing you in quality luxury from neck to ankle, Warm Buddy robes cuddle you with a fluffy thick warm shawl collar, secure you with a long outer tied sash and inner tie, and keep you warm with full length cuffed sleeves and hand warming soft patch pockets.  Made from the softest and coziest, soothing to the skin fabric, Warm Buddy bath and spa robes make you feel like you're wearing a light mink coat.  They are so fluffy and light that you can easily pack them for a vacation yet with far less bulk than classic terrycloth robes.  And though they're light enough for summer wear, they are the warmest and coziest robes you'll ever wear in the winter. They wash like a dream and will not pill (form small balls on their surface from wear).  

You can search all over town and waste a lot of time and fuel trying to find the best plush bath and resort spa quality robe, but why do that when you can save precious time and money buying the best robes for just over $100 right here online. Available here to buy here quickly and effortlessly at the best possible price in three sizes and a great variety of colors that a man or women will love.  Order complementing his and her robes here and make every day reminiscent of your best luxury spa resort vacation with the very finest in plush hotel bath and spa robes from Warm Buddy.  You won't find a finer quality luxurious bath and spa robe at such a low cost anywhere online.

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