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Relieve stress with all natural OTC sleep aids & alternative Homeopathic home health remedies that work for men, women & children. Nonprescription moist heat & cold pain management therapy from Warm Buddy, available here at the best prices online, providing new ways to help kids, parents, the elderly or your baby rest & stay asleep.


Getting a good night’s rest is a key to health, and though sleep is essential to our health and well-being, it is often overlooked.   On the contrary, for various reasons people, kids and adults, suffer from sleep deprivation.  In fact, according to a recent 2010 study of 30,000 people in 23 countries, Americans are the world leaders in sleep deprivation. The study showed only 37% of Americans are getting the sleep they need.  So why is sleep so important?  According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night to maintain good health.  Teens need 9 hours, school-age children need 10-11 and preschoolers need 11-13 hours of sleep per night. 

When the body is starved of sleep, many health issues can arise.  The effects of long-term sleep deprivation on the body are physical, emotional and mental.  Adverse physical effects include muscle spasms, sleep apnea, and even heart issues.  Unwanted emotional effects include irrational behaviors and withdrawal from people.  The mental effects of loss of sleep sometimes noticeably debilitate one from functioning normally, including the inability to keep one's concentration or even short-term memory loss.

What prevents people from sleeping?    For a child, separation anxiety often causes them to have difficulty getting to sleep in their own room.   As a result, the kids may crawl into their parent’s bed to once again feel warm and secure. These lead to both parent and child lacking good sleep.  Adults suffer from sleep deprivation for numerous reasons, from stress-related anxiety to physical issues.  Whatever the reason, sleep is essential. 

So how do we naturally solve the stress issues that lead to sleep deprivation, without resorting to addictive medications which may have unwanted side effects? Here we offer a variety of safe all natural products for both adults and children to help relieve stress and get the good night’s sleep you need.  Our all natural sleeping aids and stress reducers have been proven to address the issues that cause people not be able to sleep or relieve their stress in healthy all natural ways through comfort and warmth. Our categories are easy to navigate through and we provide the information you need about our products to find the perfect all natural sleeping aids and stress relievers for you or your child or other loved ones. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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