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Aromatherapy Heating Wraps

Microwavable Aromatherapy Heating Pads & Freezer Cooling Pad Wraps in Large & Small Sizes

Relax with in-home spa care using the best all-natural aromatherapy infused microwave heated body wraps and cold packs.

The longest heat holding hot/cold packs in extra-large shapes & sizes for the back, shoulders, and neck offered here from Warm Buddy at cheap prices and quickly shipped to your door.

Every day our bodies are under assault. From head to toe, even if we don’t realize it, our muscles and joints are being stressed and put to the test. It doesn’t matter whether you labor at a physically demanding job or sit behind a desk: we are all the same when we go home and close the door. Stress doesn’t discriminate and when our tired, weary muscles cry out for relief from pain and stress, they deserve extra care and attention.

You may not be aware that stress actually raises your body's level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and conversely, relaxation raises your body's level of good cholesterol (HDL). After discussing in her book, "Green for Life", the fact that cancer is thwarted by maintaining high alkaline pH balance in our bodies, Victoria Boutenko, MA further reveals that "Food is not the only factor that affects our pH balance"(acidity vs. alkalinity). "Any stress can potentially leave an acidic residue in our body; conversely, any activities that are calming and relaxing can make us more alkaline." That's why finding time to unwind and relax through aromatherapy, heating spa wrap treatments, and even quiet music is so good for you.

Today there are medications, heat therapy, therapeutic massages, and more that we can choose from, but at what price? When you want to relax, unwind, and get a little stress relief from the day in the comfort of your home, large aromatherapy heating pad body wraps are the ideal solution. Large hot body wraps are microwaveable heating pads that allow you to bring the experience of the best spa treatment home. These extra-large heating wraps for your body come in a variety of sizes and functions to bring quick microwaveable heat or cooling therapy to soothe your back, neck and body aches.

The best quality microwave heated aromatherapy body wraps in large sizes have been designed by Warm Buddy and are world renowned. These large microwavable heating pads are 100% natural and combine special aromatherapy mixes with the choice of a heating pad when warmed in the microwave or a cooling pad when frozen. Because of their large size, these microwaveable body wraps retain their moist heat or cold for a long time and allow you to relax in your favorite chair, couch, lounge chair, or even in bed. The day’s stress will drain from your body as the large wrap floods your tired muscles with relaxing the deep moist heat from the heat or soothing cold therapy. Large heating pad body wraps are luxurious and effective home spa heat therapy treatments that will ease your pain, rejuvenate your body’s energy and most importantly let your body relax. Your body doesn't only deserve your care and pampering, it needs it to maintain a lifetime of vitality, so treat your body like royalty and keep it healthy with one of these large luxurious back and neck embracing body wraps.

Warm Buddy's large microwavable heating pads come in a variety of shapes to wrap around your shoulders, mid-torso, back, feet or neck to blanket you like a warm embrace. They have designed the best quality microwavable hot body wrap heating pads for your relaxation needs that are used in the finest health spas around the world. Whether it’s your neck that ails you, a sore back, tired legs, or other parts of the body that hold your stress or have been fatigued, Warm Buddy ’s large therapeutic spa and body wraps will bring relief to your stress, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge.

Here we offer the best Large Heating Pad Aromatherapy Body Wraps made by Warm Buddy available in a variety of colors and extra soft, washable, and durable fabrics. We are dedicated to providing you the best microwaveable heat therapy stress and pain relief products on the market in addition to caring customer support. We want you to experience the kind of pain and stress relief that the medical research affirms regarding the therapeutic benefits of heat applied to sore, tense muscles as well as the healing power of cool compresses. We are also eager to make you aware of the powerful benefits of aromatherapy as a potent stress reducer and relaxation tool, especially when infused into our microwaveable body wrap heating pads and applied to the body. Buy an aromatherapy body wrap heating pad for yourself, and share the in-home spa experience with your loved ones too. Recharge your life with hot or cooling large size body wraps from Warm Buddy. For your convenience, we've included a chart to help you compare the various wraps, so you can find the one that meets your needs the best. We’re happily available to answer your questions about any of our large body heating pad wraps and offer quick shipping to you or a friend.

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