brown, floppy-eared stuffed toy bunny rabbit w/stitched pink nose & mouth & black eyes
Brown Cuddle Buddy Bunny - 13"

Brown Cuddle Buddy Bunny - 13"

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Brown Warm Bunny Stuffed Animal

Microwave Heated 13" Floppy Eared Toy Rabbit

Dimensions +

  • Size:  Small  13" Tall x 7” Wide
  • Weight: 1.05 lb
  • Extra or Replacement Heating Pack may be purchased separately - size Small (5"x6")

Description +

It's an adorable floppy eared brown Cuddle Buddy Bunny rabbit!  Children will love our super cute plush floppy eared, pink nose stuffed white bunny. So cute and ultra soft!  This Cuddle Buddy Brown Bunny will instantly become a beloved companion to any child, just like a real bunny.  Separation anxiety can be difficult for both parents and children, but thanks to this brown warm Cuddle Buddy Bunny all natural sleeping aid, sleeping just became a whole lot easier for the whole family.
Stuffed Toy Bunny Rabbit Provides Physical Comfort & Security
Our plush Cuddle Buddy Brown Bunny rabbit is far more than just a cuddly brown bunny stuffed animal toy.  It comforts and reduces anxiety through warmth from the inner heat/cool pack which can be warmed in the microwave in as little as 30 seconds. It's long-heat holding inner heating pack can stay warm for 40-60 minutes without further heating.  How does it stay warm so long? Your child's own body heat keeps the brown Cuddle Buddy Bunny warm even longer as they snuggle it close to their body for long-lasting comfort and warmth. The Cuddle Buddy Bunny's soothing moist life-like heat can provide a sense of well-being for children whether they have separation anxiety or just want the warmth and comfort of mom or dad as they get to sleep. 

Often, when small children get cold, they get out of their beds and crawl in with mom or dad seeking their parents' body warmth.  It's not uncommon for toddlers to put up a big fuss when the security and warmth of mom or dad are removed from their bedside. These warm-up brown Cuddle Buddy Bunnies offer a wonderful and simple solution and they help kids get to sleep fast.  Soft warm up floppy eared Cuddle Buddy Bunnies provide children a satisfying substitution for that parental warmth and comfort at bedtime-- allowing mom and dad to reduce the bedtime routine time since our warm snugly puppy lulls your child to sleep. Meanwhile your child feels safe and secure.  The comforting warmth of our plush microwave heated toy Cuddle Buddy Bunny rabbit toy can last an hour or more, meaning kids get to sleep faster, stay asleep and you and your child will get a better night’s sleep. Alternately on warm summer nights or when your child has a fever, the Cuddle Buddy Bunny's heating pack can be freezer cooled to still provide that snugly comfort while cooling your child through those tougher nights.
Cuddle Buddy Bunny Stuffed Animal Product Details
Tucked securely inside a Velcro closed pouch, the inner heated or cooling packs are designed to be easily replaced if they should ever become lost or damaged.  You can also rest assured that these brown toy Cuddle Buddy Bunnies meet all safety standards. The plush cute and soft brown Cuddle Buddy therapy Bunny comes unscented. Aromatherapy, however, can be easily added, if desired, by placing a few drops of Warm Buddy pure essential oils on the rice filled microwavable heat pack prior to heating.  Our Anti-Stress Essential Oils are highly recommended if this addition is desired.
If you want to help your child relax throughout the night, then you'll want to purchase a brown plush Cuddle Buddy Bunny.  More than just a rabbit stuffed animal toy, the small warm Cuddle Buddy Brown Bunny can provide soothing comfort whenever it’s needed.  If you’re looking for a holiday or birthday gift, this is one toy Bunny that really delivers. 

Our new Cuddle Buddy Bunny is created from the softest brown faux fur fabric and has super floppy ears with embroidered features making him perfect for small children. Cuddle Buddy Bunny measures 13″ tall.

The removable heat pack is made in Canada from all natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic and safe and easy to use. Washable covers make them easy to keep clean (machine wash and dry gentle cycle / cool or warm). 

Cuddle Buddy Bunny’s warm-up feature promotes relaxation and provides natural relief from aches, pains, stress, headaches, tummy aches and ear aches. Gentle warmth helps settle children at bedtime so they can achieve a good nights sleep.

Features +

  • Small floppy eared stuffed plush bunny
  • Embroidered eyes, nose, and mouth - child safe
  • "Warm Buddy" embroidered foot
  • Durable plush polyester fabric
  • Short nap extra soft fur
  • Cordless, non-electric, rice filled hypoallergenic removable heating pack
  • Warmed in the microwave or freezer cooled
  • Fast heating (30 seconds to 1 minute)
  • Velcro closed pouch for inner heat pack
  • Machine wash and dry (on gentle cycles after removing heat pack)
  • Unscented, non-allergenic
  • North American Made in Canada

Product Testimonials +

The Snuggables pet
The Snuggables pet exceeded my expectations. It continues to be a GREAT comfort in these troubled times.

Bought the small brown bunny and the small sheep for a gift. They were very nice - well made and soft plush material. The size was perfect. They should be perfect for cold nights in Georgia.

Very nice rabbits color is wonderful will purchase again Thank you