Soothe Your Child’s Separation Anxiety With Warm Stuffed Animals

Separation anxiety is common in children. It is estimated that about 4% of children under 12 experience some separation anxiety, but thankfully this can be managed so it doesn’t become a bigger problem that impacts their overall development.

In the early stages of development, especially during the first year, children don’t properly understand the concept of object permanence. Once they begin to understand this - roundabout months 6 to 9 - they may create a fuss when being left alone (like at bedtime or during daycare). While this separation anxiety is perfectly natural in the early stages it can be worrying for parents. But thankfully there are ways to manage it.

Stuffed animals have proven time and time again to be very effective in calming down children and reducing their anxiety. Separation anxiety is generally connected to a fear of losing something or someone or being in an unfamiliar space (away from home, for example). Stuffed animals can help with this by providing an object that will remain with your child and give them that sense of consistency, stability, and comfort that they crave most in those moments when they are experiencing an unwelcomed change like your absence.


Children are calmed by stuffed animal toys like our plush heated lightly weighted therapeutic hot/cold therapy stuffed animals. These delightful cuddly therapeutic microwavable stuffed animals are a hit with children, as they calm down tantrums and change moods.

Available in a variety of neutral and calming colors as well as different animal options (elephants, bears, bunnies, and more) they are a great option if you are looking to help your child deal with separation anxiety at bedtime or during the day.

The inner heat/cool pack can be warmed in the microwave in as little as 30 seconds to help provide comfort and reduce anxiety. They’re more than just stuffed animals. They’re the perfect companions for your little one.

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