Six (6) Tips To Help Your Child Fall Asleep

Bedtime can be a source of great challenge in a household with children. Getting your little one to settle down for bed can feel nearly impossible. But thankfully there are steps you can take to make things easier for yourself and your child.

1 - No big meals before bed

It’s a good idea to avoid giving your little one any food just before bed. This is especially important for sugary or sweet foods that can cause them to be hyperactive.


2 - Reduce stimulating activity after dinner and before bed

Meals aren’t the only thing to avoid before bed time. Activity that is stimulating can make it easier for your child to settle down before bed so try reducing games and other similar activities after dinner and before bed.


3 - Give bedtime alert

In the early stages your little one will need bedtime reminders as they begin to learn about routines and patterns. Even after they get comfortable with routines a reminder about thirty minutes before bedtime is still a good idea to help them prepare and wind down.


4 - Make them comfortable

A big part of bedtime is comfort. Ensure that your child is dressed comfortably for bed and that they have a comfy blanket to keep them warm and cozy so they can fall asleep faster.


5 - Introduce warm textured blanket or stuffed animal toys

A warm textured blanket or stuffed toys are a great way to make your child feel more comfortable while helping them manage their separation anxiety as they head to bed on their own.


6 - Introduce a reward system

Rewards are a great way to encourage desired behavior in your child. Consider giving the reward after they repeatedly go to bed on time several nights in a row. This will help you achieve the desired results.

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