Plush Stuffed Dogs & Puppies

Everyone, especially small children, and kids love dogs and cute puppies. Dogs and puppies are fun and cute but are also lots of work and often don’t snuggle very well or for very long. When little children see a cute doggy or puppy, they naturally want to pick it up, hold it, squeeze and snuggle with it. What’s great about a Warm Buddy Puppy is that children can squeeze and cuddle our puppies as long and tight as they want. Like all plush stuffed animals, stuffed puppies and dogs are soft, cuddly, and make great companions, but are much less work than real dogs and cannot run, nip, growl or squirm away when your kid wants to play or cuddle (no matter how hard or long your child squeezes). Stuffed puppies and cute doggy animal toys, on the other hand, are always there for your baby, toddler, or small child just waiting to be played and cuddled with. Stuffed plush doggy and puppy animal toys make great birthday and other gifts and will be loved, hugged and played with regularly by the special little boy or girl you give it to.

Children like to take their favorite stuffed animal toys with them everywhere, car rides, sleepovers, vacations, they get slept with, dropped, spilled on and everything else. For these reasons, it is important to purchase a quality plush stuffed dog or small puppy that will last without ripping and tearing easily, is washable, and will stay soft and cute.

Warm Buddy manufactures a variety of the best all-natural stress relieving products and sleep aids for small kids and adults. They are machine washable and made to last with high-quality furs and fabrics and upholstery grade stitching that will last for years. Each Warm Buddy plush stuffed dog and small puppy animal toy contains a removable microwavable heating and cooling pack that can also be cooled in the freezer. If you have any questions about the cute dogs or small plush puppy stuffed animal toys we have for sale or their microwavable heating and cooling packs, please let us know and we will be happy to help.