Neck and Shoulder Wraps

Your neck and shoulder muscles carry a great deal of stress from the day. Sitting in a chair all day, gazing at a computer, or working the phones settles tension mostly along the shoulder line to the back of the neck. Before you realize it, even small stressors in your life can make the back of your neck and shoulders knot up with tension, leading to pain and injury, as well as throbbing tension headaches. Exercising regularly or using your body for your job is also a source for sore neck and shoulders muscles. Whatever your occupation, after a long day you just need to relax, wind down and alleviate the pain in your neck and shoulders. Heat therapy is an established safe and natural method to relieve aching joints and muscles and reduce neck and shoulder tension. The most effective and efficient method of applying direct heat or cold ice to the back of your neck and shoulders is using a cordless rice-filled deep moist microwavable neck and shoulder wraps, infused with aromatherapy, that wraps around your shoulders, and can be cooled in the freezer or heated in the microwave. Warm Buddy heated neck and shoulder pad ice packs allow you to effortlessly apply deep moist heat or ice cold to the impacted area.

At Snuggables, we offer the best microwavable neck and shoulder wraps that can be used as deep moist heating pads or cold ice packs made by Warm Buddy with a hypo-allergenic rice filling. Our cordless natural pain relieving microwavable shoulder wraps and heated neck pads are some of the highest quality hot/ice packs in the world and are scientifically engineered by Warm Buddy to hold heat a long time, incorporate acupressure along with relaxing aromatherapy neck wraps and microwavable shoulder wraps. They are the finest non-allergenic rice-filled heating pads, infused with the perfect therapeutic recipe of herbal aromatherapy. The fabric covers are ultra-soft, comfortable and durable. Like all cordless rice filled Warm Buddy deep heating pads, our microwavable neck wraps and heated shoulder pads can also be used as cold ice packs and cool quickly in the freezer. Being an online-only all-natural rest, relaxation, stress, headache and pain relief store, we've eliminated many expensive operating costs of brick and mortar stores. These savings we pass along to our customers.  In addition, we are only US retailer of this award-winning Canadian based company, which allows us to offer better prices and cheaper shipping rates than competitors. For you, we provide detailed product information and the best pictures to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best cordless aromatherapy-infused heated neck wrap or microwavable shoulder pad for your needs, that can be put in the freezer and used as an ice-cold pack as well. Here at Snuggables, we have committed ourselves to understanding the most successful methods of helping people –from children to adults -- find all-natural stress, headache and pain relief. And to help you surround yourself with comfort and rejuvenating abilities. Being ergonomically advanced, these deep moist heating shoulder wraps will feel like the warm, soothing hands of a caring person. Your care and comfort are our priority. Contact us with any questions you may have about these amazing microwave heated neck pads and shoulder wraps, infused with Warm Buddy’s award-winning aromatherapy blends. You’ll want to have one for deep moist heat and a second wrap to keep frozen for sports medicine ice therapy applications. Try our microwavable neck and shoulder wraps, and you’ll want to keep one on hand to give as gifts to the people you care about most.