Microwavable Stuffed Animals

Companionship, security, and warmth are vital to a child’s sense of well-being. A stuffed plush animal buddy makes a wonderful companion for any tense situation to comfort your child.

Buying a cute plush cuddly friend for a child to hug and hold can also ease a child’s concern about going to the doctor’s office or hospital. How much more comforting would a stuffed toy plush animal be if it gave off warmth, like the warmth of a mother’s embrace. That warmth often makes it difficult for a baby or toddler to break the habit of cuddling with Mom when going to sleep. Why? -- Because there are few greater comforts to a baby or young child than the security of hugging something lovable, soft and warm.

A “warm” microwavable stuffed animal can be a child's perfect comfort. After a few brief seconds of microwave heating, the plush animal toy comes alive with comforting human-like warmth radiating from its moist inner heating pad. This encourages snuggling and a closer companionship connection to their heated stuffed animal toy that eases the anxiety of a child's separation from Mom.
Warm weighted plush animals also bring therapeutic comfort to a child going through a scary medical procedure or one who has suffered distress or trauma, providing a sense of security when a child's alone. Best of all, the safe feeling that a warm plush stuffed animal toy produces, eases tension and relaxes your young child or new baby and gives them a sense of well-being, helping them feel safe so they can easily drift off to sleep.

Snuggables provides the best cute and soft microwavable stuffed animal toys you can buy, made by the world renown Warm Buddy Company. Each stuffed animal friend comes with a removable heating pad that, when heated, supplies warmth and softness, a winning combination. Warm Buddy microwaveable stuffed plush animals can be machine washed so holding their plushie while sick is not a problem. The reusable inner heat packs provide a minimum of 20 minutes of continuous warmth and comfort, and larger sized stuffed plush animals can stay warm up to an hour - plenty of time to get your little baby to sleep or get your young child through that stressful time.

Benefits of Weighted Stuffed Animals for Autism & Alzheimer’s

Our delightful cuddly therapeutic microwavable stuffed animals are, of course, unequivocally wonderful for kids, yet they can be life-altering to those with autism or to elderly folks in the mid to late stages of dementia and Alzheimer's as well. People in these situations are conclusively calmed by our plush heated lightly weighted therapeutic hot/cold therapy stuffed animals. Doll therapy and stuffed animal therapy has been established to be beneficial in numerous ways to these groups of people. They provide relief from anxiety in those with autism and supply purpose and fulfillment to dementia/Alzheimer's patients' who have a need to love and be loved. This happens at a time in the mid to late stages when they may no longer recognize family members or be able to be comforted by their loved ones as they once did.

Our therapeutic cute weighted stuffed animals of various sizes can also contribute a desired diversion to patients in times when they are fearful or apprehensive, but even more significantly, these therapeutic stuffed animals provide a way for these people to feel they have something they can show care for. The result is that therapy doll stuffed animals become a source of security and considerable consolation for people with these disorders and devastating illnesses. There is an exciting development from the use of therapy doll stuffed animals, however, the fact that they have been successful in helping a person who ceased speaking to initiate speech once again, viewing their weighted microwavable stuffed animals as new pets and companions.

Backed by a confident 5-year money-back warranty, Snuggables online is the best, most convenient place to buy the highest quality of these microwavable stuffed animals, made with sturdy, ultra-soft, non-allergenic designer fabrics and durable re-usable heating pads. These cute stuffed animal toys make great gifts for any occasion for your child, grandchild, a friend's new baby or your child’s friend and can be shipped directly to you or a loved one.