Heated Eye Pillows

The eyes are your gateway to the world and are being used at almost every waking moment. Your eyes also hold a lot of the stress and fatigue of your day to day life as well as reactions to any allergies you may have. When your eyes are fatigued from being used all day, are puffy, swollen and watery from pollen or other allergens in the air, they carry a lot of stress which causes headaches and can make you feel grouchy and tired. What you need is rest, even if it’s for just a few minutes. Microwaveable and cooling eye pad pillows, wrapped in soft luxurious fabrics such as silk and velour, are one of the best all-natural ways to relieve stress and fatigue as well as alleviating swollen puffy eyes. The best contoured heated eye pillow pads for sale online diminish stress and fatigue in several ways. Heat therapy is one of our oldest and most effective forms of reducing both physical and emotional stress and pain. The best eye pillows are able to be heated in the microwave, as well cooled in the freezer. Heating your warming eye pads in the microwave allows for deep tissue heating. This relaxes sore eye muscles and improves circulation as well as eases allergy symptoms and tension. Cooling the eye pillow’s pad in the freezer reduces swelling, headaches and rejuvenates eye vitality.

The best microwavable eye pad pillows for sale online are not only wrapped in soft luxurious silk, velour or other plush super comfortable fabrics and have heating pads that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer but are also contoured to fit securely and place a slight pressure around the eyes. This slight pressure provides support, which helps effortlessly to keep your eyelids closed, while softly diffusing the stress from around your eyes and forehead with gentle acupressure. Unlike simple flimsy eye masks, the best eye pillows help your eyes to remain closed and seal out the light. This prevents your eyes from fluttering or having to force your eyes closed as you rest. When your eyelids are fluttering or straining to stay closed, this not only prevents you getting the rejuvenating rest you need but also can actually cause your eyes to become more tired and sore. When your eyes flutter or you have to force your eyes to stay closed they are using muscles instead of relaxing. Using a contoured eye pillow with a microwavable heating pad, wrapped in silk, velour or some other super soft luxury fabric will keep your eyes closed effortlessly and without any light, so they can truly get the rest they need. Regardless of whether you want to rest and alleviate stress or want to treat allergy symptoms naturally the alternate use of heat and cold therapy eye pillow pads will help and feel amazing!

Warm Buddy eye pillows and their microwavable rice-filled heating pads are the best. Their contoured eye pillows are extremely soft and supportive, and their pads can be both heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to relieve headaches and stress or soothe puffy eyes due to allergies, colds, or sinus problems. Warm Buddy eye pillow pads are covered with the highest quality silk, velour and other plush super soft velvety fabrics in various colors and patterns. If you are a fan of spa and/or massage treatments, Warm Buddy’s comforting eye pillow pads can add a brand-new dimension of luxury, rest and relaxation to those sessions. Whether your eyes need heating, cooling to alleviate allergies or cold symptoms or want rest and relieve stress to rejuvenate your day Warm Buddy microwavable heating eye pillow pads for sale online will do the trick.

At our online store, we offer super soft contoured Warm Buddy eye pillows with therapeutic rice-filled heating pads that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. Our Warm Buddy heating eye pads are for sale in silk, velour and other plush fabrics in a variety of patterns and colors. Being the only US retailer of Warm Buddy products allows us to offer better prices and shipping rates in the US than my Canadian competitors. If you are in the US and want a Warm Buddy heating eye pillow pad or any other amazing Warm Buddy product, you are going to get the best prices and lowest shipping rates here. You may be able to find other microwavable eye pad pillows for sale online for less, but you are not going to find Warm Buddy eye pads or other rice filled contoured heated eye pillows of the same quality for less. You and your eyes deserve the best and I make it easy and affordable for you have it. If you have any question about our Warm Buddy heated eye pillows we have for sale in our online store, their microwavable and freezable therapeutic hot pads, the silk, velour or other luxury fabrics they are wrapped in, please let us know and we will be happy to help.