Cuddle Buddy Collections

Now with two colors to choose from, the Cuddle Buddy Collections' soft white or beige brown fur is ultra plush and snugly with embroidered eyes, nose and mouth features so that your child is safe from anything coming loose. At a medium size of 13" long, these cute Cuddle Buddies are just the right size for small toddlers hands yet big enough so they'll continue to be hugged and cuddled as they grow. Your child's Cuddle Buddy will certainly be well-loved for years to come. There are fewer things that bring children the kind of warmth and comfort and also reduce their anxieties, than a cute cuddly and warm stuffed animal.

Our warm Cuddle Buddies are especially great for children as well those dealing with sensory disorders or even adults with early Alzheimer's. The weighted body and soothing warmth makes them feel almost real. Many people use Cuddle Buddies to replace a lost pet for a time or to substitute for a current pet that moms, dads or grandparents don't want in their child's bed.

Each Cuddle Buddy Puppy, Bunny, Lamb and Teddy Bear comes with an inner heating pack inside a Velcro closed pouch that is easily removed for heating in a microwave. Many parents and grandparents purchase an extra heating pack so they can have one that is kept cool in the freezer for when their child has a fever but still wants their Cuddle Buddy for comfort.

Our durable Cuddle Buddies, as with all our Warm Buddy stuffed animals, come with an unscented, non-allergenic heating pack. Aromatherapy may be added to the heating pack if desired by purchasing essential oils separately and adding drops to the heating pack. The heat releases the aromatherapy in a stronger way, so add drops a few at a time until it reaches the strength desired.

Best of all you can wash them! The outer covers of the Cuddle Buddies are completely machine washable on a gentle cycle with no bleach. They can then be quickly machine dried on low heat so that your child will not wait too long without their favorite stuffed animal when they get dirty or when your child has been sick and their Cuddle Buddy needs sanitizing.