Aromatherapy Sleep Masks

When your eyes are tired and puffy, you’ve had a long day and you need to relax, your eyes need an organic renewing warmth and are often extra sensitive to light. Finding a dark black place to bring comfort and warmth to your eyes so they can relax is the best organic way to help them start to recover naturally and for you to start to feel better. Rest, relaxation and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is not just a new luxury for men and women to buy; they are important essentials both for your physical beauty as well as your emotional health, even for kids. When there is light in your room or it is just not very dark it is difficult for your eyes to relax and for you to unwind or fall asleep and dream. Dreams are an important part of getting the best slumber, because it’s when you dream your body goes into its deepest REM sleep, where it begins to rejuvenate. In fact, studies show that lack of reaching the best level of REM sleep consistently can lead to depression. That’s why it is essential for your body to achieve that deep natural best slumber state where you dream.

Warm-up and cooling aromatherapy sleeping masks are simple, cheap, natural, and comforting tools that you can buy to block out intruding lights and help your body attain its deepest levels of sleep. Sleeping masks and eye covers are not new. They have been used by women for many years in luxury beauty treatments. Men and kids need their "beauty sleep" as well and it benefits their complexions as well to get a good night’s sleep. Warming and cooling sleeping masks are the best tool to help the eyes and body relax and get better rest consistently at night. Because rest is one of the natural key essentials in sustaining youth, beauty and health, some luxury hotels provide simple thin satin or nylon aromatherapy sleep masks for their guests, but those are not the best because they fail to seal the eyelids for a complete black, "lights out" effect. Spas now use new contoured eye covering masks and warming eye pillows to relax their patrons and help them to better let go of stress. Better than a blindfold because they block out light, organic grain filled contoured sleeping eye masks with aromatherapy that can warm up or be cooled allow you to rest your eyes best, whether you’re sunbathing in the bright sun, reclining under office fluorescents or relaxing in your bed.

Warm Buddy has created the best new aromatherapy infused luxury silk and velvet covered contoured designer warm or cooling sleep masks you can buy in the world. A favorite of women and men, these are eye cover sleep masks that you can depend on to create the complete natural black out effect needed to help your tired eyes relax better and ease stress whether you are at home or traveling. Warm Buddy sleep masks have several unique designer features that make them the best:

  • Special mixes of organic herbal anti-stress aromatherapy scents are infused into each mask
  • Better contoured eye covering design that gently seals out light around the nose providing a blackout throughout your slumber
  • Gentle acupressure is applied by the eye masks on sinus pressure points through their gently weighted organic flax seed filling,
  • Quickly and easily warmed in the microwave to increase circulation which soothes and relaxes the eyes to relieve headache stress
  • Place in the freezer to provide a cooling refreshing eye mask that reduces inflammation and comforts puffy eyes even better.

The natural gentle weight of the best made Warm Buddy sleep masks over the eye lids keeps the lids closed, whereas a traditional light fabric sleep mask allows the eye lids to freely open making you have to fight to keep your eyes closed. The new Warm Buddy sleeping mask’s ½” wide Velcro adjustable elastic strap holds your warm mask securely in place while the subtle weight of the organic grains in the mask allows the contoured mask to fit naturally around your eyes and nose, sealing out all lights which come in easily under simple flimsy masks. Warm Buddy aromatherapy eye masks allows men, women, and even kids, to toss and turn throughout the night without having to worry about the sleeping mask falling off. It provides the best “lights out”/"black out" effect that you need all through the night.

Because aromatherapy is another newly proven aid to relaxation, Warm Buddy's contoured aromatherapy eye masks are lightly infused with the best anti-stress signature organic aromatherapy recipes designed to send signals to the brain to naturally relax better. Not only do these new Warm Buddy aromatherapy sleeping masks feel the best on your eyes, they are also covered with the softest luxury fabrics you can buy -- appealing to men, women and kids. After cooling in the freezer, the Warm Buddy black out sleeping mask provides a new experience - a refreshing cool eye mask on a hot day, best to sooth tired and puffy eyes, reduce sinus pressure or relieve a headache. Warm the organic sleeping mask in the microwave for 30 seconds to fully activate the unique anti-stress aromatherapy recipes in the sleep mask. Place it across your eyes and feel the warmth start to relax your forehead, eyes and temples. The tried and true all-natural combination of aromatherapy, acupressure, light blocking and warm or cooling therapy will have you thinking twice before popping pain relieving medicines.

You can buy our contoured warming and cooling eye masks in new varieties of the best luxury designer fabric covers that feel light, soft and naturally soothing against your skin. The Warm Buddy masks include dust-free storage boxes and are ready for simple gift-giving. These organic sleeping eye masks are perfect for both women and men and are a cheap, easy to carry relaxation and rejuvenation tool. Great for use at work or take a sleep mask on business trips for the airplane and the hotel room -- a thoughtful gift for a men, women and kids, the frequent traveler, the new college student or the sleep deprived new Mom. Warmth, aromatherapy, complete dark black and acupressure are a one of the best natural cures anytime you suffer from stress or insomnia.
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