4 Ways A Baby Blanket With a Mini Pet Can Ease Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Dealing with a screaming baby as you attempt to exit the house can be both heartbreaking and frustrating. Young children often suffer from separation anxiety and struggle to adjust to their parents leaving them alone or in the care of a nanny or babysitter. The result of this is often lots of tears.

Luckily, there are proven ways to ease your little one’s separation anxiety and one key way that is backed by science is with the help of a safe warm blanket or stuffed animal. Data shows that small stuffed animals and warm blankets can be beneficial in child development and help them manage separation anxiety.

Here’s how they work.

Help Them Learn Independence:
As your little one struggles with separation anxiety a warm blanket or small stuffed animal can help a great deal by helping them learn independence. In your absence, a stuffed animal and a warm blanket can serve as a friend and confidante while enhancing the sense of object permanence for them. This will help them to understand that even if they can’t see you right now you’re still around and will return.

Help Them Express Their Emotions:
Toddlers may struggle with expressing their emotions to their parents and other adults in their lives. A stuffed toy introduced the right way will be seen as a companion and confidant, making it easier for your child to express their emotions to the toy. Observing these interactions will give you a good gauge of your little one’s frame of mind while also giving them the emotional support of a trusted friend.

Help Them Boost Their Confidence:
Children gravitate toward stuffed animals because they help them feel safe. But beyond that, they also boost their confidence. Over time you may notice that your toddler’s relationship to their stuffed toy becomes one of protector and this can help boost their confidence.


Introducing stuffed animals

When introducing your toddler to stuffed animals it is a good idea to start by presenting them with a small stuffed animal that is related to something they enjoy (their favorite animal or cartoon character). Then encourage him/her to name the stuffed animal and play with it alone. This will encourage a healthy
attachment that will allow your toddler to cope with separation anxiety whenever you need to leave them alone.


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